An afternoon with Knight!

Knight is not your typical half black lab, half Burmese mountain dog mix. There is a big difference between him and most other half black lab/half Burmese mountain dog mixes. You might even say the difference is Knight and day! (Pardon the pun =)

Our afternoon with Knight started with a stroll along the beaten path…

What’s the major difference you ask? He loves the mud! As soon as he came off the leash he went straight on a quest for mud! Not dirty water, not wet sand but a full blown mud patch, and leave it to him, he found some! Our afternoon with Knight started with a stroll along the beaten path followed by laps in a watery channel then gnawing at a stick. After a while of stick gnawing and frolicking it was time for a mud bath.

All in all it was a great afternoon. Perfect weather for a walk in the park. Knight is a great pup and now his human has the tough job of picking her favorites for print.

Knight realizing I took his picture.Knight RunningKnight realizing I took his picture.Night Frolicking

Knight w/ Muddy nose

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