Meet Oscar!

My Mother is a mensch!

Meet Oscar, (schmutz as my dad calls him) is a 7 year old rescue cat that my mother has taken in. Oscar is a sixth generation rescue. She started with the Late Sylvester followed by Thomasina, then Bambie, Boris then the late Shadow -Now Oscar. Somone actually decided after 7 years that they just didn’t want a cat- who does that!? Bad for them, good for me mummsey’ After a short period in limbo and giving everyone a scare producing a false positive for Canine hart-worm disease he has found a new home amongst the spoiled. Oscar’s new flat mate is Bambie. She was non to happy to have to share her reign of tyranny over the stuffed mice and threads of string. However I am sure she will be over it soon. As of this writing they where both sharing the sun spot on my mothers bed.

Oscar In the sun
Oscare In the Sun
This is Bambie not giving a damn

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