Meet Oscar!

My Mother is a mensch!

Meet Oscar, (schmutz as my dad calls him) is a 7 year old rescue cat that my mother has taken in. Oscar is a sixth generation rescue. She started with the Late Sylvester followed by Thomasina, then Bambie, Boris then the late Shadow Continue reading

And we’re off!

Just got the new site up and running. Almost ready to go! Now I need to get my New Business cards printed as I have a meeting on Friday. The printer will love me 🙂

My first official post for the Montreal Pet Photography blog. I love my new Slogan “Not your typical Dog & Pony Show” (get it? Pun intended cause it is exactly your typical Dog & Pony Show)

What are your thoughts?

I’d also like to thank the following people:
Kristine Goulet
Christina Esteban
Azar Jazestani

Thanks for all the advice.